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Pet Waste and the Mutt Mitt Program

Martin Luther and his dog LolaHey dog - There's no better time to remind everyone that picking up after your pooch helps protect Puget Sound.  But there's no reason to be a drag about it. That's why we've been reaching out about this video from Puget Sound Starts Here (  - Dog Diggity. Featuring the music of Martin Luther (with all respect to Blackstreet), Dog Diggity is our gift to the many residents all around the Sound.

Just a reminder that picking up after Fido isn't just the neighborly thing to do in your 'hood, it goes a long way to protect the health of Puget Sound. Because remember, Puget Sound Starts Here.

Dogs in Kitsap County drop more than 11 tons of waste each day - and it doesn't just go away.

The solution is easy: 
Bag it and trash it.

Landfills are designed to safely handle pet waste. Yards, trails, streets, parks, toilets, and compost piles are not. 

Proper disposal is the key

The Mutt Mitt Program

Community volunteers can enhance the safety and enjoyment of neighborhood common areas, trails, and other open spaces by making pet waste cleanup easy and convenient for dog owners.

newWant to request your own Mutt Mitt station? Here's how .

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