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Drug Court

The Kitsap County Adult Drug Court is a treatment based program for adults who are charged with certain felony crimes and facing criminal prosecution.  The purpose of the program is to offer non-traditional and individualized treatment for chemical dependency as an alternative to criminal prosecution. The program features a team approach to rigorous treatment, coordinated with intensive supervision, random drug and alcohol testing, regular and frequent court appearances and educational opportunities.  A combination of rewards and sanctions are utilized to motivate and encourage participants toward recovery.  The participant's progression through the various phases of the program is appropriate recognized.  The Drug Court Program is approximately one year in duration but may be longer depending on the progress of the participant.  Upon successful completion of the program, the court will dismiss the criminal charges with prejudice. 

To qualify for the Drug Court Program, the participant's level of substance dependence must be such that treatment and education will substantially benefit the candidate and the community. 

After screening for eligibility and suitability, participants may enter the Drug Court Program prior to entering a plea upon execution of the appropriate Drug Court Waivers and Contracts.  This process is essentially a deferred adjudication model.

Failure of the participant to abide by the terms of the Drug Court Program will result in immediate prosecution for the underlying offense or offenses.  There will be no trial as the participant will have stipulated to the Drug Court Judge reviewing the police reports as the sole means of determining guilt or innocence.

Who is Eligible for Drug Court?
Only adults who are charged with limited felonies and/or certain felony probation violations are eligible for the Drug Court Program.  The adults must have a history of drug or alcohol dependency and meet certain criteria of the Kitsap County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

How are Adults Referred to Drug Court?
The Prosecuting Attorney determines whether to offer a potential drug court adult the opportunity to participate in the program.  The first inquiry is whether the defendant is charged with an eligible offense and second, whether the defendant is an appropriate candidate.  The defense attorney examines the legal issues and explains the Drug Court alternative to criminal prosecuting.  If the Prosecuting Attorney, the defense attorney and the potential candidate wish to pursue the Drug Court Program, the referral is complete.

How Does the Adult Drug Court Work?

  • The eligible participant is referred to the Drug Court

  • The participant receives orientation from the Drug Court Judge and the Drug Court Coordinator to determine whether there is interest in the program.

  • The participant will next undergo an evaluation for chemical dependency, including suitability for treatment and willingness to enter and complete the program.

  • The participant will begin intensive Drug Court treatment consistent with the treatment plan developed for the participant.

  • If the participant successfully completes the treatment program, the criminal case is dismissed.

How Much Does it Cost?
There is a fee of $1,500 for participation in the Drug Court Program.  Drug Court participants will not be denied treatment services based on their financial circumstances.  Payment for treatment services will be based on ability to pay, availability of medical coupons and of private insurance. 

Who is the Drug Court Team
The Prosecutor, the Defense Attorney, together with the Drug Court Judge, the Drug Court Coordinator, Treatment Provider, Clerk and Court Reporter constitute the Drug Court Team.  The Drug Court Team is unique to the courtroom setting.  The key is a non-adversarial relationship between members of the team.  This approach stems from the supposition that all team members share the common goal of reducing the drug dependence and criminal activities of the participants. The Adult Drug Court Judge is the Honorable Jeanette Dalton.

Updated:  July 25, 2016


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