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Courtroom Conduct

No Food, Beverages:  Never bring anything to eat or drink into the courtroom.  

Pets:  The only animals allowed in the courtroom are those which assist people with disabilities.

No Weapons:  Never bring a gun, knife or other weapon into the courthouse.  You may be searched before entering the courtroom and courthouse.

No Children:  Please do not bring children to court.  You may be asked to leave the courtroom if children are noisy or disruptive in any way.  There are no child care facilities in the courthouse.  If a child must accompany you, bring another adult to watch the child in the hallway while you are in the courtroom.

Be Respectful:  You must be quiet in the courtroom when observing or waiting for your matter to be heard by the judicial officer.  Never use profanity.  Always be polite when speaking.  If you are appearing before the judge, speak clearly and loudly enough for the court reporter or the electronic recorder to hear.  Everything you say is being recorded. 

No Electronic Devices:  All cell phones, pagers and any other electronic devices must be turned off if you are in the courtroom.  


Last Updated:  September 10, 2014


8:00 AM to 12:15 PM 1:15 PM to 4:30 PM *unless otherwise ordered by the court

Monday - Friday


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