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Paving Schedule for 2017

Road maintenance activities during 2016  include new pavement for the following roads.  This list is subject to change, as materials and weather conditions may prevent or delay certain projects. We do not have estimated start dates for these projects. Please check The Road Report for the latest information.

   North Kitsap Area                                                                          
Pioneer Way NW Pioneer Hill Rd NW to Ansell Rd NW 78220
Sawdust Hill Rd NE Stottlemeyer Rd NE to Bond Rd NE 74880
Silverdale Way NW SR 303 WB ramp to Schold Pl NW 19515
Candy Ct NE Candy Loop NE to end 70060
Candy Circle NE Candy Loop NE to end 70090
Candy Loop NE SR 305 to Candy Ct NE 70070
Miller Bay Rd NE Indianola Rd NE to Heritage Part entrance 70370
NE Jacobson Rd E Delate Rd NE to end 70720
Delate Rd NE Hwy 305 to Lemolo Shore Dr NE 70750
Brownsville Hwy NE Ogle Rd NE to Madison Rd NE 57290
Washington Blvd NE End gap to begin gap 84370
3rd St NE  Ohio Ave NE to Washington Blvd NE 84575
Bridge Way NE (S) Hwy 3 to end of maint 79590
Whitford Rd NE Wheeler St NE to end of maint 79630
  Central Kitsap Area                                                                       
NE Franklin Ave How 303 to .264 mi west of Hwy 303 55640
Central Valley Rd Vena St NE to Holland Rd NW 59050
Symington Parkway NW Coho Run NW to .110 mi east of Coho Run NW 12760
Highland Ct NW Frontier Pl NW to .170 mil east of Frontier Pl NW 57684
Redwing Trail NW Holly Rd NW to Overland Trail NW 12770
Rhoda Ln NW Priddy Vista Rd NW to .110 mi west of Priddy Vista Rd NW 11110
Treetop Lan NW Priddy Vista Rd NW to .160 mi west of Priddy Vista Rd NW 11080
Dickey Pl NW Dickey Rd NW to Sealpoint Ln NW 13771
Shadow Glen Blvd NW Thomas Dr NW to Clear Creek Rd NW 57794
Thomas Dr NW  Southern end to .125 mi N of Shadow Glen Blvd NW 57797
Glen Ct NW Thomas Dr NW to end 57796
El Camino Blvd NW Eldorado Blvd NW to El Dorado Pl NW 17977
El Circle NW El Camino Blvd. NW to end 19840
Frontier Dr NW Thomas Dr NW to Shadow Glen Blvd NW 57795
Eldorado Blvd NW Provost Rd NW to El Dorado Pl NW 19800
  South Kitsap Area                                                                         
Glenwood Rd SW JH RD SW to Lake Flora Rd SW 20509
Mullenix Rd SE SR 160 NB on ramp to Phillips Rd SE 31009
Ravenridge Ct SE Ebbert Dr SE to 206' W of Kentridge Pl SE 33500
Brookside Ct SE Horizon Ln West SE to dead end 32821
Bethel Burley Rd SE Pierce County line to Spruce Rd SE 21709
Par Fore Dr SE Country Club Way to 116' S Fairway Ci SE 35470
County Club Way Long Lake Rd SE to Long Lake Rd SE 35590
Hilldale Rd E Beach Dr E to State Park entrance 49660
Phillips Rd SE  SR 160 (Sedgwick Rd) to Salmonberry Rd SE 33350

Kitsap County Public Works
Contact:  Kitsap 1
(360) 337-5777 or (800) 825-4940

Updated:  January 31, 2017
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