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December 22, 2016


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Prepared? Take the first step!

(Port Orchard, WA) – “Preparing for emergency situations is something we all know we should do, but it can be challenging taking the first step,” according to Dave Rasmussen, Public Information Office at Kitsap County’s Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM). “We are challenging people to take the first step to preparedness by doing something today," added Rasmussen.

That first step can be as easy as establishing an out-of-area contact number, buying or storing water, or even something as simple as shoes under your bed.

The “Inside Report,” Kitsap County’s monthly newsmagazine, examines how Kitsap County residents can prepare themselves in a special preparedness edition. This special episode looks inside Emergency Management and how the County responds to storms and other emergencies

Volunteers serve an incredibly important role in emergency management. They provide skilled services that augment the County’s team, and bring wide and varied experiences to their work. You’ll meet two volunteers as they explain how they use their past experiences to help Kitsap County prepare. They’ll share helpful tips that include:

  • Creating an emergency kit for your home and car

  • Designating a reunion plan and overcoming communication challenges

  • Mapping your neighborhood

  • Additional resources and organizations that help you prepare

“We’ve got a great way for you to take the second step,” Rasmussen added. Emergency Management is conducting a survey to see how prepared we are. The first 50 residents who go to, and complete the survey, receive a hand- cranked flashlight to add to their emergency kit. And, if you’re into social media and took your first step, post a picture of what you did and post it on Twitter to #kcfirststep. The first 25 to post a photo will also receive the flashlight.

Hand-Cranked Torch

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December 22, 2016