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Department of Administrative Services
614 Division Street MS-7  Port Orchard, WA
Phone:(360)337-5777 * Fax:(360)337-7052


The Administration Building is open
to the public on Monday through
Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

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About Risk Management

The Risk Management Division mission is to protect the County against the financial consequences of accidental losses which are catastrophic in nature, and to preserve County assets and public service capabilities from destruction or depletion; to minimize the total long term cost to the County of all activities related to the identification, prevention and control of accidental losses and the consequences; and to assist departments in the establishment of a safe work environment in which employees, as well as members of the general public, can enjoy safety and security in the course of their daily activities.

Contact Us

Tim Perez, Risk Manager
(360) 337-4675 / MS-7

Anastasia Johnson, Liability and Property Analyst
(360) 337-7266 / MS-7

Rich Nolan, Safety and Loss Control
(360) 337-4408 / MS-7

Sally Coppinger, Program Specialist, Workers Comp, and LEOFF 1
(360) 337-4846 / MS-7

Last Updated:  January 05, 2015

Tim Perez, Risk Management


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