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CK Council looking for input on using cross-cultural talking sticks to establish community identity

The Central Kitsap Community Council invites public input through an online survey on its idea to use cross-cultural talking sticks to establish a unique identity for Central Kitsap that unifies local businesses, community organizations and neighborhood groups, while symbolizing each entity’s individual values and history. The council created a short survey to gather feedback in advance of its next regular meeting, scheduled at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 4 at the Best Western Silverdale Beach Hotel, 3073 NW Bucklin Hill Rd.

The CKCC recently hosted a presentation on talking sticks by local artist Lisa Stirrett. These intricately carved speaker’s staffs have been passed around for centuries, symbolizing each member’s authority to speak and enabling all voices to be heard. Lisa and her team developed several prototypes to demonstrate how various groups might design their own talking sticks to locate at entrances to businesses, community facilities, schools, parks and trailheads. The talking sticks would have a common feature, such as a symbol woven into the metal base or a glass piece in the cap.

To take the survey, click on the links above or go to For more information, contact Angie Silva at (360) 337-7080,

Click on the link above for current and past meeting agendas and minutes.

April poll results
Monthly CKCC meetings feature participant polls to ensure that our discussions are relevant, timely, and focus on the topics that are most important to the CK community. Results from our April poll are being used to plan meeting agendas and presentations for 2017.

Click on the link above to see a list of current members and their terms of appointment.
July Meet and Greet
Council’s July Meet and Greet at The Best Western Silverdale Beach Hotel


All community members are welcome to participate on our committees!

Community Projects  Meets 2nd Tuesday of each month from 11:30 - 12:30 p.m. in the Visit Kitsap/CKCC Office, 9481 Silverdale Way NW.Governance  Next meeting: June 6th @ 5:00 p.m. in the Visit Kitsap/CKCC Office, 9481 Silverdale Way NW (regular meeting time t.b.d.)

Transportation  Next meeting: regular meeting time t.b.d.

The Central Kitsap Community Council mission is to:
  • Facilitate and improve communication among the Central Kitsap community and the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC);
  • Promote a sense of community;
  • Advise the BOCC and government agencies of the desires and concerns of the community;
  • Bring to the Central Kitsap community issues and projects of the County and convey the community response as requested by the BOCC
To enhance communication between Kitsap County government and the citizens of the area.
Resolution 233-1998

All the territory within the Central Kitsap School District minus the land within the City of Bremerton.  These boundaries may change over time based on community discussion and comment.

For more information, contact Angie Silva at (360) 337-4841, .

Comments/Questions/Concerns/Ideas? E-mail the Council here.
Last Updated:  September 19, 2017